Customer Support Hacks

By Sorin Alupoaie

This is not your regular vendor newsletter. I write about new tech and proven methodologies applied to Customer Support. From Design Thinking to AI and everything in between.
An engineering twist on how to better and more efficiently serve customers.

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Make it easy | Support Hacks

Two weeks ago I had some items missing from my grocery order, no refund given. I emailed Customer Service, told them my problem, they apologised and sent me the refund. The following week, I got a box of chocolates and an apology note for the inconvenience, w…


How to build a culture of knowledge-sharing | Support Hacks

A few months back I had the opportunity to talk with over thirty Support Engineers, most working for established software companies with mature products. Surprisingly, many of them told me they frequently find themselves in a situation where they couldn't tru…


How to mine a feature request for better product decisions | Support Hacks

No matter how great your product is, there will be gaps between what the customer needs and what the product offers. So if you work in Customer Support, most likely you are dealing with users asking for features that the product doesn't have.The usual approac…


How to get customers to "see" your SaaS Knowledge Base | Support Hacks

You finally have the help center you are proud of. Probably you spent months talking with the product team, reading support tickets, writing new articles and refining existing ones. Your new shiny help center is ready, steady, go!Then every day you look at th…


Off the shelf support automation with GPT-3 | Support Hacks

Helping the customer help himself is undoubtfully one of the most important things you can do in Customer Support. For this you need two things:Have a great knowledge base that includes clear answers to many of the customers' questions.Help the customer find …


About resilience: lessons from my 1-year old self | Support Hacks

This newsletter issue is different. Less of a support hack and more of a personal story.2020 has been a harder year for most of us. This pandemic took its toll on our physical health, mental health, and our wellbeing in general. And the hardest part of it all…


Auto-crafting a message reply, and other GPT3 use cases | Support Hacks

In this issue, I continue my exploration of GPT3 with a deep dive into some interesting use cases of this technology in Customer Service.As I explained in my previous article, GPT3 is very good at spotting patterns and instructions from a snippet of text, cal…


The tale of a sarcastic bot, and other GPT-3 stories | Support Hacks

Something huge happened in the AI space this summer. A major breakthrough in the way a machine can understand and generate human language, that took the AI community by surprise. OpenAI released its latest large-scale natural language model called GPT-3. I've…


Using data to measure and improve Knowledge Base success | Support Hacks

Like many of you guys, I am a proud member of the Support Driven community (if you are not already, I strongly recommend you to join). Some of the recurring questions coming from Support Pros in the community on the topic of knowledge management are: How do I…


Hacking AI apps in Zendesk | Support Hacks

One of my favorite applications of AI in real life is Google's Smart Compose for Gmail. I am writing a lot of emails and make use of it every day, especially on mobile. At the beginning the suggestions were a bit basic and short, but over time they improved s…


A gentle introduction to Statistics on CX data

With the advent of data-related technologies in the last decade, it has become common practice now for companies to use insights from data at the core of their decision making processes. Most businesses, and the organizations within, are data-driven now, at l…


GPT-3 and the (unhyped) future of AI in Customer Support | Support Hacks

Few weeks ago I applied for GPT-3 beta access with OpenAI and really looking forward to getting it! As soon as I do I will be trying to prototype some of the applications discussed here and will be sharing the results in future issues.I am also currently work…


The case for affordable AI | Support Hacks

One of my favorite subjects in business and technology is the notion of disruptive innovation. According to Clayton Christensen, who pioneered the term, a new technology or product becomes disruptive when it addresses the needs of customers at the lower-end s…