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A gentle introduction to Statistics on CX data

A gentle introduction to Statistics on CX data
By Sorin Alupoaie • Issue #3 • View online
With the advent of data-related technologies in the last decade, it has become common practice now for companies to use insights from data at the core of their decision making processes. Most businesses, and the organizations within, are data-driven now, at least to some extent.
Customer service teams are no different. Support Leaders need to constantly look at the data behind customer interactions to get the pulse on how their team is doing and decide on the best next actions to take. But do we always know how to interpret the data analysis correctly and cautiously, without jumping to conclusions too fast?
In this article series, I will explain how Customer Service teams can extract reliable insights from CX data using the same statistical methods as those used by the scientific community to interpret the data analysis results in research studies.

A gentle introduction to Statistics on CX data
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