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GPT-3 and the (unhyped) future of AI in Customer Support | Support Hacks

GPT-3 and the (unhyped) future of AI in Customer Support | Support Hacks
By Sorin Alupoaie • Issue #2 • View online
The act of having a natural conversation with a machine was depicted in numerous science-fiction books and movies, but it wasn’t until three months ago that it became (close to) a reality. Back in June this year, OpenAI released beta access to its latest large-scale natural language model called GPT-3. The new model represents a major breakthrough in the way a machine can understand human language and it took most of the AI community by surprise.
In this article I will talk about natural language models in AI, what is GPT-3 and how it has been used so far. I will also discuss its future impact on customer experience and customer support teams.
I won’t be referring to the “Agents will be replaced by AI” hype, which is a bluff, neither the artificial general intelligence and singularity topics. If you believe in those things, you’ll probably be disappointed by this article. However, I will discuss some real-world, exciting but practical applications that could help support teams be more productive and get better at helping their customers.
I believe that the development of better and more accessible technologies will continue the democratization of AI, which will soon become a commodity available to teams of all shapes and sizes.

GPT-3 and the (unhyped) future of AI in Customer Support
Few weeks ago I applied for GPT-3 beta access with OpenAI and really looking forward to getting it! As soon as I do I will be trying to prototype some of the applications discussed here and will be sharing the results in future issues.
I am also currently working with its “older brother”, GPT-2, and other AI language models, to build apps that help support teams be more productive. These apps are now in public beta and available on Zendesk’s marketplace, for both support and chat.
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