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Hacking AI apps in Zendesk | Support Hacks

Hacking AI apps in Zendesk | Support Hacks
By Sorin Alupoaie • Issue #4 • View online
What came out of playing with AI in Zendesk and a light technical guide on SaaS.

One of my favorite applications of AI in real life is Google’s Smart Compose for Gmail. I am writing a lot of emails and make use of it every day, especially on mobile. At the beginning the suggestions were a bit basic and short, but over time they improved significantly. Now, when I write a reply to an email, I could see how they are relevant to the email content I am replying to. Quite amazing!
Google's Smart Compose for Gmail
Google's Smart Compose for Gmail
Thinking about Support now, writing to customers is the main activity any customer support pro is doing every day. Some people can write faster than others, but it still takes a lot of any agent’s time. Much of this writing is repetitive, and that is why most helpdesks provide a way to create and use message templates (or macros). Some folks are also maintaining their own templates in a text file, copying & pasting sentences into the message editor as needed.
The repetitive nature of sentences in support also makes them predictable. But this is where AI excels: predicting the predictable! I got very excited when I started experimenting with some of the latest AI models for language generation and discovered that, with a bit of training on some anonymized data, you could generate intelligible sentences, or even entire messages, that are contextual to the customer query and what the content of the typed message is so far.
So I decided to implement a Chrome extension that would alter the behavior of the Zendesk’s message editor to suggest auto-complete sentences in real-time as the agent types. What came out was a message editor on steroids!
Smart Compose in Zendesk
Smart Compose in Zendesk
Is this an alternative to templates (macros) or something to complement them? What do you think?
This app is now in Beta and I’d love to get some feedback from support folks, so you’re welcome to give it a try!
Try Sentence Auto-Complete for Zendesk
Deconstructing the tech of SaaS products
This is a technical article I wrote for my fellow SaaS entrepreneurs on how to choose and build a scalable technical stack that fuels a growing SaaS business. Because many of the CX folks are supporting a SaaS product, I thought this could be a useful to guide to sharpen your technical skills.
Deconstructing the technical stack of a modern SaaS product
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